How to Remove Rust from Bathroom Tile

Leaking sinks, toilets and showers can cause unsightly rust stains which undoubtedly will ruin the appearance of the bathroom by making it look unclean and messy. In addition, if you allow the rust to sit on your bathroom tiles for some time, it can cause holes in the tile, triggering the need of tile replacement. It is important to remove the rust stains right away after you have fixed the leaky in order to protect the bathroom tile. To remove the rust stains properly, consider following the steps below.
First, go to the nearest supermarket and buy a good bathroom cleaner that can remove rust stains. Cleaners Acton suggest using cleaning products such as Clorox Green Works Bathroom cleaner, Tile & Grout magic, Rust Remover and Bar Keepers Friend Lime. If these products are not available or seem expensive for you, then find another product that is safe on tile and can remove rust stains.
Once you have purchased a bathroom cleaner, apply a few drops of it to the rust stains and let it sit on them for about 6 minutes. Then scrub the stains in circular motion using a soft bristled brush to avoid scratching or scuffing the tile.
Wipe the bathroom tiles to remove the rust and the cleaning solution using a sponge soaked in lukewarm water. Rinse the sponge frequently to avoid reapplying rust on the tile, as advised by cleaners Acton. Wait for the area to dry completely, then repeat the process if any rust stain persists.

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